What Differentiates Us?

What Differentiates Us?

Introducing the "DLWay"- enhancing our delivery to clients

Direct Line is evolving, keeping quality and safety prime importance of our new #DLWay mantra. Under DLWay, we introduce enhanced Project Management techniques with integrated safety to improve our delivery to clients and execute our operational excellence efforts.

Employing nearly 800 professionals in more than 5 countries, DL’s mission is to partner with manufacturers to provide high-quality materials and meet customers’ expanding needs worldwide. Direct Line is committed to continually improving our Industry through certified cutting-edge technicians who deliver superior results with a passion for detail.

Direct Line has partnered with crucial hyperscale technology companies, colocation providers, and global data center REITs to enable the next wave of data tonnage. Direct Line is known as the industry standard for both network infrastructure and comprehensive data center support.

“Direct Line’s dedication for precision and quality workmanship sets them apart in the Data Center Industry.” Putting the customer at the center of everything we do is our mantra.” – Omid Nikfarza Senior Manager Sales Engineering – Equinix

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