Mixed-Use Services

The term ‘mixed-use’ is used to describe a development that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses of Extra-Low Voltage (ELV). This may be a casino, hotel mall or even cultural establishments.

Experts In ELV Design & Implementation

The Direct Line Global team is well-versed in ELV design and the implementation of large scale mixed-use developments. The solution architecture within these type of projects incorporate most of the systems commonly found in the enterprise sector, but the scale of which is typically larger and more complex. This combined with the naturally longer project timescales means that resources, logistics, commercial management and consistent quality control becomes paramount.

Active networks, when designed and installed by the team of professionals of Direct Lint International, and then operated by those who are trained in running and managing such systems, provide alteration solutions in network operations. When coupled with reliable ethernet technology, the backbone of your business – your active network – will give you the platform on which to elevate your current operating standards. The multiple servers on which your network will run via an active data network mean that you can reduce costs, increase operational productivity by streamlining processes, and almost completely eliminate network downtime.

Wi-Fi is a key technology in providing workspace mobility. Direct Line Global understands the demands placed on Wi-Fi networks by IOT, AV, mobile devices, and desktop clients in a modern office environment. We can help customers optimize their Wi-Fi network design while maintaining network security and network access control.

Direct Line Global utilize sophisticated planning tools combined with radio spectrum surveys to ensure that the customer’s expectations are met. We are familiar with the market leading solutions such as Ruckus, Aruba, and Cisco.

Designing and planning a structured cabling plant system for your building, data center or office simplifies the management of moves, additions and changes, and provides you with a reliable infrastructure for data transport. This will simplify the majority of day-to-day administration headaches.

Your structured cabling system should ideally be designed in order to:

  • Align with business network resiliency requirements
  • Allow for additions, moves, and changes – quickly and easily
  • Allow for growth with minimal incremental cost
  • Accommodate a wide variety of hardware configurations and network topologies
  • And integrate with any computer and telephone system to allow for maximum flexibility

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an enclosure, open frame, or rack design for your IT equipment. It is very common for some of these factors to be overlooked and this can be costly in a number of ways. Some of the major considerations are:

  • Security
  • Airflow management
  • Power distribution
  • Cable Management
  • Space availability
  • And scalability

Direct Line Global can provide a wide range of solutions and has experience consulting with clients on large scale data center projects. Direct Line Global works with clients and manufacturers to ensure that the functionality of your product suits the environment and maximizes the efficiency of critical systems.

Direct Line Global provides a wide range of UPS solutions, which are engineered to specific load calculations. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or battery backup is a device that maintains a continuous supply of electrical power to connected equipment by supplying power from a separate source when utility power is not available.

A UPS is inserted between the source of power (typically commercial utility power) and the load it is protecting. When a power failure or abnormality occurs, the UPS will switch from utility power to its own power source almost instantaneously.

While not limited to any particular type of equipment, a UPS is typically used to protect computers, telecommunication equipment, or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption, or data loss. UPS units come in sizes ranging from those that will back up a single computer without monitor (around 200 VA) to units that will power entire data centers or buildings (several megawatts). Larger UPS units typically work in conjunction with generators.

Historically, UPS units were very expensive and were most likely to be used on expensive computer systems and in areas where the power supply is interrupted frequently; however, UPS units are now more affordable and have become an essential piece of equipment for data centers and business computers, but are also used for personal computers, entertainment systems, and more.

Internet protocol telephony (IPT) is so common now that many people haven’t made a regular landline call in years. Using the internet to make calls will likely take over completely in the near future and the IP telephony systems Direct Line Global provide integrate seamlessly with the internet distribution and broadcast services within your location using analogue adaptors for regular telephones and digital IP phone hardware, all whilst ensuring no interruption and allowing you to maintain control and privacy over your verbal and multimedia transmissions.

Direct Line Global will deliver a full converged voice and multimedia platform of the highest quality in speed, clarity, and overall performance, and we can make your communication channels more effective than you thought possible.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring and surveillance is an integral part of any business for the protection of infrastructure, physical assets, and safety. Direct Line’s CCTV systems allow you to monitor your location, goods, your team members, and guests – as well as unwanted visitors. This provides the security that you need to protect your interests in a world that is increasingly becoming less secure. Our leading-edge platforms include some of the most advanced solutions on the market integrating body-cam systems, vehicle-based inward- and outward-facing cameras, drones, covert/discrete cameras, and the highest resolution pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and fixed camera solutions. Direct Line Global can also incorporate some of the industry’s most powerful video analytics into your solution that includes people counting, facial recognition, object recognition, license plate recognition, traffic/people movement, heat and motion sensing, and event automations. Direct Line Global offers fully holistic solutions that bring together all your requirements for security, safety, asset protection, and even marketing.

Physical access control is a matter of who, where, and when. A security access control system from Direct Line Global will equip you with the ability to control who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit. Direct Line’s systems will give you both the control and monitoring capabilities to secure your facilities right through to the most sensitive areas. We deploy the industry-leading technologies to give you the peace of mind and security your business needs, including card-based proximity readers, a full range of biometrics applications, and RFID solutions.

Companies these days are striving to optimize their communications environment. With the use of audio/visual integration, audio/video conferencing, telepresence, streaming video, and various other technologies, bridging the distance between business entities can save time and money. Direct Line’s specialist audio/visual design engineers have delivered innovative solutions for numerous satisfied clients and our services span the spectrum from turnkey corporate audio/visual design-and-build projects to commercial audio/visual consulting.

In any commercial arena, desktop solutions allow for an interface that presents users with the opportunity to manage and maintain a network and its associated systems with greater convenience. With such a high-powered, easy-to-use and easy-to-upgrade platform, your business can maintain total control of how your systems operate whilst maximizing operation efficiency. Security is not an issue in the modern landscape of desktop solutions, and the overall management of your business has never been easier.

The backbone of Direct Line’s operations lies in data centers. Once you install or upgrade your own data center, you will have constant and unrestricted access (as specified by your own parameters) to your data, you will have a level of security that allows you to operate without fear of your intellectual property or proprietary information being compromised, any redundancies within your network will be easily identifiable, and you will be able to operate secure in the knowledge that all of the data you have stored in your center is yours to keep for as long as it’s needed.

Direct Line Global can assist you with strategy and whether your data is stored on premises or within the cloud, we are here to assist with the safe and secure implementation. We also offer managed services to support your live environments.

As security technologies enter the digital age, so do breaching capabilities; you need the most modern and secure means of providing your guests with the sense of ease that they expect. The wide range of digital locking systems that Direct Line Global can offer you – which range from digital-proximity key card systems to the relatively new player in the market, a digital key that is interconnected with your mobile phone (NFC) – are destined to become industry standards, and the importance of your establishment maintaining a reputation for high-tech safety is more important now than ever before. Our systems can interwork with other platforms to deliver a one-key solution to your property from room and guest facility access, POS, car parking, and elevator control, to name a few.