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A Day In The Life of a Program Manager: Michael Wilt at Direct Line

Michael Wilt has been part of the Direct Line team for over a year as a unique opportunity for him to grow his career, and indeed he did. Michael started as a Senior Project Manager in November 2021, helping us oversee the planning and implementation of projects through budgeting, sourcing suppliers, and planning the project release.

Michael’s excellent performance was rewarded with his job promotion last October, allowing him to move up as a Program Manager. He now provides strategic guidance to Direct Line’s project managers.

Could you tell us about your career path in Direct Line?

My goal is to expand and refine my skills as I grow to a senior leadership position within Direct Line.

How do you achieve success in your role?

By listening to and collaborating with the experts around me. There is a wealth of knowledge and skill within this company that allows us to adapt to any situation that we come across. Our success in these scenarios is a testament to the level of talent that our people possess.

What is the best advice or compliment you’ve ever received?

Well, I have a bit of both rolled into one. Years ago, when I was a Sergeant in the Army, I had a Commander who called me “Cool Hand Luke.” To sum it up quickly, “Cool Hand Luke” is a movie from the ’60s about a happy-go-lucky, incredibly stubborn man who absolutely refused conformity in any way, shape, or form. The complementary part is that I can approach any situation with a positive spin. The advice is to open up to and ultimately understand and successfully execute different action plans instead of dismissing them without fully understanding their reasoning.

Do you have a mentor?

I have many!

Please tell us about them!

I find great value in the experience that others possess and use their successful experiences and advice to help shape myself into being successful.

What do you love most about what you do?

Easy! I’m in a position that allows me to collaborate with many different groups of people.

Teamwork makes the perfect dream team! Do you want to share any personal experiences or stories within the company?

The biggest stand-out to me is the level of helpfulness & interaction within the company. I’ve sought assistance and advice from many people, which has always been met positively and without hesitation.

To wrap this interview up, can you tell us a surprising or fun fact about you?

About four years ago, I picked up a guitar for the first time and never looked back! I taught myself how to play by watching YouTube videos and reading books on music theory.

One of Direct Line’s essential pillars is its people. We care and acknowledge their commitment and drive to enhance our mutual success. We are constantly investing in their future, careers, and development with training programs and certifications, making them improve their skills and abilities. 

We appreciate Michael Wilt’s disposition for allowing us to know a piece of his life! Learn more about our incredible members, their role, the impact of Direct Line on their lives, and some fun facts about them in our segment: A Day In The Life Of.

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