Certified Technician Training Programs

With all companies, training is a vital part of growth and sustainability. At Direct Line, our commitment to training begins on day one. We pass our knowledge to employees new to the industry, helping them succeed for Direct Line and, more importantly, for themselves.

This commitment to help others grow as ICT professionals has allowed us to meet industry demands and our customers’ needs in a way that has kept us at the forefront of data network installations from enterprise to hyper-scale data centers. Our training teaches the must-know information of safety, personal conduct, and customer security procedures, along with a high-level overview of the networks we install. This ensures that no employee will simply walk onto a site without first being informed of the basic information and professionalism our customers expect of us.

We have integrated industry standards of using the equipment needed to clean and inspect connectors, appropriately handle, and install cables and ESD sensitive equipment, and QA/QC. We believe that educating employees on why we do what we do will instill a culture of inclusivity and cultivates a desire to learn.

Direct Line University training includes customer-specific courses on Network Topology, Build Phases of Infrastructure, OSP Installation, Testing and Quality Standards. Other courses include industry-specific training on ESD, Fusion Splicing, Copper and Fiber Testing using OLTS & OTDR testers, Care, and Installation of Copper and Fiber Cabling, and LinkWare Live.

In addition to this training, DLU also offers BICSI IN 101 Installer, IN 225 Installer 2 Copper, IN 250 Installer 2 Fiber, and IN 350 Technician certification classes at our BICSI ATFs in Ashburn VA, Albuquerque NM and at our soon to be available ATF in Singapore.

All of this adds up to a comprehensive training package designed to take a new hire from entry-level to being a competent well-rounded technician. The experienced technician gets further training and is provided field support that has proven to be critical in meeting deadlines and delivering projects.

For more information and queries, please contact Kevin S. Witmer, Direct Line University Manager at [email protected].