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A Day in The Life of a Regional Program Manager: Keith Lott at Direct Line

Meet Keith Lott, the Regional Program Manager for Direct Line. With nearly a decade of experience at Direct Line, Keith brings extensive expertise in project management and technical solutions to his role. This article will explore his daily routine, career path within Direct Line, and the key factors contributing to his success in delivering efficient and high-performing projects.

Join us as we uncover the fascinating insights and achievements of Keith Lott.

What does a typical day look like for you working at Direct Line Global? Elaborate on your daily routine.

Check emails sent after hours and complete hot follow-ups; review and complete the next action item on my To Do List; conduct scheduled 1:1’s with my direct reports; attend scheduled meetings with my DLG management and Meta team; remove blockers/hindrances for my management team; check-in with Safety on opportunities; review tracking of finances; push updates to Meta site Director and management team.

Pretty busy! What would you like to say to someone interested in applying at Direct Line?

Direct Line Global provides opportunities for career advancement and development.

What kind of education and/or training did your career require?

ONLC – MS Project Schedule building, BICSI RTPM (80hrs) and BICSI DCDC-102 (40hrs) training, Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers (40hrs), and Google Project Manager Certification.

How do you achieve success in your role?

Applying PM best practices, communication & escalating effectively, delivering complex technical solutions to gain efficiencies, and building up high-performing project managers.

Tell us about your career path in Direct Line.

Started as a Lead Tech (4mo); RunOps Lead Troubleshooter (4mo); Site Lead (4mo); Program Manager (3yrs); current role Regional Program Manager since 2018.

What do you love most about what you do?

Delivering complex technical solutions to gain efficiency and build up high-performing project managers.

Tell us a surprising or fun fact about you.

I have published music on iTunes and am a pet fish collector. At one time, I had over 70 exotic American Cichlids, and they all had names. In size, these fish ranged from 6 – 16″ and were spread out between 4 aquariums that totaled almost 500 gallons of water. Good filtration is necessary to keep the water clean—quality high-protein foods to keep the fish healthy.

If you could give one career advice, what would it be?

Invest in yourself.

Beyond his professional achievements, Keith’s interests outside of work reflect a well-rounded individual dedicated to family, personal growth, and creative pursuits. These facets contribute to his overall balance and inspire others to seek to achieve fulfillment in their careers and personal lives.

Keith Lott’s role as the Regional Program Manager at Direct Line underscores the company’s commitment to excellence in delivering data center services. His expertise, leadership, and dedication have positioned him as a driving force behind successful projects and the development of high-performing project managers. As a trusted professional in the industry, Keith’s journey serves as a source of inspiration and a reminder of the immense potential for growth and achievement within Direct Line.

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