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Building A Safer Workplace With Leadership Support

As National Safety Month (June) comes to a close, it is natural to reflect upon Direct Line Global focus and commitment to ensuring a culture of safety – and the well-being of our people across our organization.

In a country where we experienced more than 4,000 work-related fatalities in 2020, it is imperative that business leaders commit to operating safely and take all measures to ensure their people return home in equal condition as they arrive to work that day. At Direct Line Global, we place great importance on the safety & health of our employees. It is critical for our company, me, and my leadership team on a personal and professional level.

In fact, safety is one of our Core Values: Uncompromising Safety – A culture of safety at all levels. Over the last two years, we have emphasized the development of a Safety Culture. Having safety as a core value comes from putting our people first. When our leaders & managers operate within our culture, we see the importance of every individual delivering their requirements with a clear focus to get their work done, yet to do so safely.

Our Safety commitment starts with my entire Leadership Team and me. It is a fundamental part of all of our jobs. It begins with training when people on board with Direct Line Global and continues with how we plan each day. In the process, we must communicate our values and give tangible examples of behaviors, decisions, and attitudes that accurately reflect our organization’s mission.

Our safety and health team is here to help us, yet they cannot do the job for us. We need to consider their role as the team that helps us be safer daily – as safety needs to be embedded in our work.

We have accomplished the following in evolving and strengthening our safety commitment and program.

  • Improved safety & health awareness & communications information, and distribution
  • Hired new, highly experienced, and educated Safety & Health staff
  • Developed and implemented a new Safety & Health Orientation Program
  • Developed and implemented a new Safety & Health Assessment Program
  • Started new Safety, Health & Environment Management Committee
  • Introduced a new Safety & Health Recognition Program


Safety is essential to our client partners and me, and I want to ensure that all our employees, from my leadership team to our hard-working teams in the field, know how critical safety & health is to our company. In addition, I believe that safety will support all Direct Line Global Employees and their families to have a happier and more injury-free life – because safety and health lessons learned at work apply to the home, too.

We appreciate our teams’ efforts to honor our safety commitments while ensuring we deliver the mission-critical services we provide to Empower the Cloud.

Thank you,

William Nelligan
President/CEO at Direct Line Global