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Innovation in Physical Infrastructure under a tight deadline

Company: A leading provider of enterprise cloud applications
Location: Hillsboro, Oregon
Project / Building Size: 10000 sq. ft.
Project Type: Tennent Improvement, Structured Cabling


A leading software company in Silicon Valley had an opportunity to launch a new Data Center Design. The requirement was to bring innovations in the physical infrastructure. 


The challenge presented to Direct Line was a new fiber enclosure design that was smaller, uses less material, and less waste. And the customer\’s timeline was four weeks from design to implementation. 

Scope of work

Copper and Fiber Cabling 

Working closely with the customer, Direct Line supplied and installed the required amount of copper and fiber panels into the existing server racks. The cabling work includes: 

  • MTP OM3 MM fiber and cat6 copper cables 
  • On the network side, each MTP fiber cable terminates into a 12 fiber OM3 LC cassette inserted into a fiber enclosure with the associated cover and cable mgt.

Ladder Rack / Basket Tray Cable support System

Direct Line supplied and installed 24″ black ladder into the existing 24″ ladder rack; this made a full connection back to the server row.  On the new 24″ ladder rack, Direct Line provided and installed a 4″ black basket tray   

4 Week Timeline

  • Design specifications – Documented from the customer by DL
  • Design Drawings – Manufacturer to Customer for concept approval
  • Prototype designed and shipped to the customer
  • Production line modifications using off the shelf materials allow for accessible ramp-up
  • Final design approved
  • Customer-specific pricing for new product negotiated 
  • Final approval and product ships


Direct Line\’s ability to venture plan, build, manage and do what it takes was critical to the project\’s success. This was an impossible task if not for the collaboration between the manufacturer (Panduit) and Direct Line. We delivered the project within the original timeline despite delays and challenges. Our willingness to work as one created a safe environment. On top of that, daily communication and access to experts within both companies allowed the creative process to flourish. Lastly, the client made fast decisions. Two years later, Direct Line and Panduit have a customer for life.

For additional information on data center design, connect with us at (510) 413-9055 or [email protected].