Total Quality Management

Quality management is of the upmost importance when it comes to our customers, suppliers and partners. We have many responsibilities, but everything contributes to quality of projects / tasks. These tasks, however, are challenging. They entail an incredible number of audits, performance validation and reviews before our project / task will be considered complete. Every person involved in a project or task is responsible for performing quality work. We design quality into the project or task.

Quality Controls

  • Approve or reject all procedures, specifications, methods, and results
  • Approve or reject all materials, packaging materials, labeling and finished projects / tasks
  • Review all projects / task records for accuracy and completeness before sending to customer
  • Establish procedures for revising procedures or processes
  • Approve changes to procedures or processes

Quality Assurance

  • Investigation of DCC complaints
  • Evaluation of new materials
  • Internal audits to verify compliance to regulation

Quality is a Team Effort

  • In most data centers, we install 1,000’s of feet of cable (fiber and copper), optics, housings, racks and various other DC related items. Due to the volume that we install, the quality  control person shall inspect everything 100%
  • Quality project / task outcomes are a team effort requiring the support of EVERYONE on the team
  • From start to finish, Direct Line QA / QC works to maintain the highest possible standards when it comes to quality