Direct Line Safety Mission

The primary objective of Direct Line Safety Program is to adopt a thorough hazard prevention program outlining responsibilities and safety requirements for all Direct Line employees while working on our projects.

The Direct Line Safety Program, including any additions and/or modifications that may be required during the life of any project, will assist in keeping incidents to a minimum throughout the project. The program is to be used with the Direct Line’s own Safety Programs (IIPP) and Local Safety Codes and Regulations.

It is Direct Line’s belief that safety hazard prevention is mandatory, beneficial to all, and the responsibility of every individual on a project, whether in management, fields staff, or other position. Safety is paramount to everyone.

Direct Line expects the full cooperation of all our employees for monitoring, supervising, and enforcing the Safety Program. It is mandatory that all personnel engaged in work on a project comply with all safety regulations, local safety codes and regulations throughout the duration of construction on a project. Please note that in the event of a conflict between various programs, codes and regulation that the most stringent will be the one considered applicable.

Direct Line’s commitment to a safe work environment includes:

  • 100% support by all levels of management and administrators
  • Total commitment to the most up to date training, education, and techniques
  • Making all available resources to all employees
  • All Foreman, Leads and Project / Program Managers are required to be OSHA 30 trained