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Customer for Life
Delivering a 20MW data center built in Bay Area


Direct Line Global completed a project for a leading multi-tenant data center (MTDC) provider supporting business and mission-critical applications. This data center project was designed to build an artificial intelligence (AI) system to scale the customer’s infrastructure and support machine learning and AI initiatives.


The main challenge was maintaining quality in a condensed timeframe in a mission-critical environment. The second issue was a logistical challenge. Both were addressed through strict adherence to Direct Line Global’s proprietary project management playbook.


Direct Line Global and the MTDC provider have embarked on a 10+ year relationship that has spanned the installation of miles of ladder rack, fiber, and Velcro installed in their Data Centers. We were directed by the client throughout the project and required to work strictly within their specifications.

Direct Line Global has built over 20MW of data center space in all shapes and sizes for this client. DL Global bundled, threaded, labeled, and installed 15,396 IB cables weighing 6.7 tons and used over 7.2 miles of Velcro. From design and building to managing customer data centers, our mutual philosophy of “The Client Comes First” has been key to our success.

Scope of Work

In 2018, Direct Line Global and our client worked on a top-secret project with no room for error. This first engagement caused many sleepless nights and weekends, but it was done without complaint and set new standards for excellence.

  • Three follow-on projects came quickly after – each with time-critical needs.
  • The client was very particular about how they wanted their 1st DC installed and wanted to ensure that everything was done precisely to the highest of standards. This was achieved by benchmarking works and discussing how things may be improved.
  • As a showcase for the client, this project resulted in one of the world’s top 10 fastest supercomputers.
  • It is the largest and fasted privately owned computer in the world.
  • To date, this supercomputer has been used to look for cures for cancer and COVID-19 and build AI to solve climate change.
  • The partners offer world-class facilities to host the fastest compute infrastructure, giving more organizations access to AI-ready data center facilities.

This story exemplifies how we go above and beyond what is expected to serve our clients.