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How Data Centers Have Boosted Virginia’s Growth

In recent years, data centers have emerged as a critical component of the digital economy as the backbone of modern technology, powering everything from social media platforms to cloud computing services. Data centers are responsible for storing, processing, and managing the vast amounts of data generated daily.

Virginia Continues First in The World’s Data Center Market

Northern Virginia, the world’s largest data center market, notched a record for data center absorption in 2022, according to the latest North American Data Center Trends report by CBRE. According to Commercial Observer, Northern Virginia recorded 436.9 megawatts of absorption in 2022, beating its previous record of 311 megawatts, which was set in 2021. It also had the highest absorption rate of any market in the country.

One such data center that has been making waves in the industry is located in Boydton, a small town in southern Virginia, which has become home to one of the largest data centers in the world. According to Data Center Frontier, the facility owned by Microsoft covers 1.1 million square feet; It has brought significant economic growth to the town and the state of Virginia as a whole. The land deals set the table for a massive future expansion of cloud operations for Microsoft, which is also actively acquiring land in Iowa, Northern Virginia, and Phoenix to house more data centers.

How Will This Impact the State?

The benefits of this data center can be seen in several ways. First and foremost, the facility has created jobs. According to a Virginia Economic Development Partnership report, the data center has created many jobs in the area, including construction jobs and full-time positions at the facility; these jobs have helped to reduce unemployment rates and stimulate the local economy. Secondly, the data center has positively impacted the local real estate market. The facility’s construction has increased demand for housing and commercial real estate, leading to a rise in property values and increased tax revenues for the town.

Additionally, the data center industry has helped diversify Virginia’s economy. Historically, the state has been heavily reliant on industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and defense. The emergence of the digital economy has allowed Virginia to expand into new industries and attract more businesses to the state.

Another significant impact of the data center is its commitment to sustainability; the facility is powered by 100% renewable energy, primarily from wind and solar power, making it one of the world’s most environmentally friendly data centers. Microsoft has also invested in projects to help restore and protect natural habitats in the region, as reported by Baxtel.

How Important is Boydton for Direct Line?

Data centers in Virginia have significantly impacted the local economy and the state, creating jobs, stimulating the real estate market, diversifying the economy, and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. As the digital economy continues to grow, data centers like the one in Boydton will play an increasingly critical role in powering the technology that drives modern society.

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Virginia’s combination of strategic location, fiber-optic connectivity, business-friendly environment, abundant power, and climate resiliency makes it ideal for hyper scalers, cloud providers, and large enterprises seeking to establish digital infrastructure. Thus, Direct Line keeps building up its team with technicians, project engineers, contractors, and supervisors that will work on mission-critical projects in that area, creating significant growth for our industry and business for the last couple of years.

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