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A Day in The Life of A Safety Manager: Noel Corpus at Direct Line

Noel Corpus has been part of Direct Line’s growth for about two years as an Eastern Regional Safety Manager, helping us expand our footprint and oversee the safety of our crew, data center builds, server upgrades, and cabling throughout the life cycle of a data center suite. In addition, Noel is responsible for the safe operations of approximately 18 geographically separated sites with several hundred assigned personnel.

How do you achieve success in your role?

I look for and listen to what is needed in our workplace, trying to improve processes continually across all aspects of operations. I seek input from our employees out in the field, incorporating their ideas and recognizing them for their part in making Direct Line successful through safe operations.

Noel Corpus at Direct Line
Exploring the outdoors
What does a typical day look like for you working at Direct Line Global?

Every day I look forward to reporting to the job site to visit with each person working there. I observe their operations, talk to them about specific job aspects, and confer with them on any needed safety improvements and necessary supplies. I never hesitate to assist them with job performance when asked. For new project kick-offs, I provide supervisors with all safety documents, including, but not limited to JHAs (Job Hazard Analysis), PTPs (Pre-Task Plans), Weekly Toolbox Talks, SDSs (Safety Data Sheets), Emergency Contact Information Lists, and SSSPs (Site Specific Safety Plans) to ensure that start-up operations are conducted flawlessly. Occasionally, my days consist of travel to other locations to perform the same daily tasks mentioned before and hands-on recurring training (i.e., driver and site assessments). I attend multiple meetings daily and often prepare briefings for said meetings. I usually work late into the evening as our home office is conducting business as usual in a location three hours earlier than my local time zone.

You are indeed a key factor for Direct Line’s growth. What kind of education or training did your career require?

Early on in my safety career, I attended many OSHA training sessions. I attended classes, conducted online training, and received the OSHA 510 training certification. I am studying for the certification of CHST (Construction Health and Safety Technician). Equally as important, to be competent in job site safety requires boots-on-ground experience as well as working with mentors who have guided my career path by providing me with their expertise and guidance.

Your commitment and passion for your job are undeniable; what do you love most about what you do?

I love working with people and having different workplace scenarios daily. Getting to know everyone on a first-name basis and knowing what is important to them makes the working environment a step above a routine workday. I love going to work and knowing everyone is safer because I’m there.

Noel Corpus next to his wife
Noel enjoys quality time with his family
What piece of career advice would you give us?

Find a job that you love to go to every day. But always remember that respect is earned…. not given.

Wise words! What would you like to say to someone interested in applying at Direct Line?

I strongly encourage personnel starting a new career in the data center industry to apply with Direct Line because advancement possibilities are limitless, and the work environment is superb.

On a personal aspect, what are your interests outside of work?

My interests include hunting, building my archery business, and spending time with family and friends.

What would you consider your passion?

Enjoying the outdoors!

A nature lover! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In the future, I see myself helping Direct Line be a safe environment and a great company to work for.

We appreciate Noel’s significant commitment and dedication to his role at Direct Line since day one, being an immense add-on to our business expansion. Thanks to Noel for sharing part of his life with us!

At Direct Line Global, one of our essential pillars is our people. We acknowledge their commitment and drive to enhance our mutual success. To that end, we provide training programs and certifications to our members, making them improve their skills and knowledge.

Learn more about our incredible members, their role, the impact of Direct Line on their lives, and some fun facts about them in our segment: A Day in The Life Of.

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