Labor Force Availability

Direct Line leverages its investments in locally established BISCI ATF. Our in-house training gives us an edge and rediness in a market that is at times strained for skilled resources. Our training facility is capable of training 16 Students per class and will offer the core courses specific to our customer’s builds as a minimum to all our students.

Build Knowledge – US & APAC

Direct Line’s USA and APAC (Singapore/Hong Kong) team has the local knowledge and network expertise that enables us an effective means to scale our workforce. State side talent may lend a hand to quick roll-out/ramp-up efforts.

Accuracy of Drawings & Scope of Work (SOW)

Our approach to large-scale DC projects is first and foremost to plan well. We ensure our timelines are holistic and factors the entire lifecycle work breakdown, from inception and design, through procurement, mobilization, pre-works, installation and commissioning. Direct Line engages our customer’s Design Team to ensure accurate and current design drawings are available as well as validating the scope of work.


Our procurement and logistics plan’s needs are mapped into the master schedule and are in sync with all other trades. Logistics can be a challenge to ensure on time delivery of product to sites, which is essential in order to maintain installation efficiency.

Customs & Work Visas

Direct Line is experienced in dealing with customs and is proficient at minimizing this exposure. Direct Line currently has a team of Ex Pats working in APAC and supports Direct Line’s regional business footprint.

Management Team

Direct Line has established an APAC team working out of the Singapore and Hong Kong Offices with individuals who are slated for customers specific build projects.