5 Tips to Improve Data Center Energy Consumption

As IDC has forecasted, the global data will reach a whopping 163 zettabytes by 2025. Given that more data is generated every day, many enterprises are searching for ways to store data that have minimal impact on the environment. U.S. EPA encourages you to improve your data center’s energy efficiency and help curb energy consumption while […]

Direct Line Empowering A Culture Of Safety 

Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe. As per OSHA stats, out of every 5,000 private-industry worker fatalities, 20 percent is in construction. That means one out of every five worker deaths is construction-related!  The continued increase in data storage and consumption and the burgeoning enterprise demand for cloud computing are expected to drive data center […]

Earth Day Round-up: Role of Green Data Centers in Climate Change.

During the last year in the pandemic, we learned that it is crucial to observe the volume of resources we use and how that impacts the environment, and data centers are no exception. Data center’s power the internet and help connect the communities that are pivotal to our lives.  The massive data centers: those magical, […]