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A Large DC Improvement Retrofit Project


Direct Line Global completed a data center retrofit project for the most prominent social networking company. The task was to remove existing cabling and devices in a live environment, taking one area down at a time while other sites still serve traffic.


Direct Line Global modified the infrastructure to accommodate the new build installation. The biggest challenge was removing old pathways, adding new ones, and replacing them with larger trays. The second issue was identifying design deficiencies and solutions that fit the new design. We made a new section on the old design.

Scope of Work


  • Single-mode MTP fiber trunks were used to connect the backbone to end devices.

  • We used 24F MTP breakouts to connect to 12-port cassettes.

  • We installed over 115K meters of fiber trunks.

  • Perm-link tested over 220k fibers.


  • Our team installed over 1,000 4RU switches to create a fabric mesh.

  • We made and installed over 2,000 custom CAT6 cabling spanning over 10k meters to fit specific lengths.

2 Year Long Project

  • Modified installation strategy to account for specific downtimes for each build room.

  • Our team coordinated with stakeholders to maintain the flow of communication to all parties.

  • Collaborated and drove solutions to complex issues that arose.

  • Accommodated several material delays as customer-driven schedule pushed.

  • Tackled the introduction of COVID to keep our employees safe while staying on schedule.

  • Redefined Quality standards to meet and exceed customer requirements.



Direct Line Global’s ability to plan, build, manage and do what it takes was critical to the project’s success. We delivered the project within the original timeline despite challenges; our willingness to work as one created a safe environment. 

On top of that, daily communication and access to experts allowed the creative process to flourish. The client guided us throughout the project and required us to work strictly within their specifications. Two years later, it was done without complaint and set new standards for excellence. This story exemplifies how we go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

A global approach, a local solution

Our expert skills and consistent ‘best in class’ approach to project delivery are core to our global business strategy. Post completion of this project in the US, this global client proceeded to collaborate with Direct Line Global’s APAC team to work on one of its largest projects in Asia.

This story exemplifies how we go above and beyond our client’s expectations to build successful and sustainable partnerships across borders.

If you would like more information on data center design, please connect with us:

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